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We work with individuals one-to-one, using a personal approach to support them in practically applying the principles of nutritional science and functional medicine to their lives. Our primary focus is to provide advice on how the individual can optimise their diet in order to support their health. Contrary to mainstream nutritional and dietary advice, we believe that most individuals would benefit from making nutrient-dense animal products a priority in their diets, a notion that is consistent with ancestral living and supported by much scientific research. Whilst nutrition is a key component of our approach, it only comprises one of the six pillars of good health, and we believe that optimal health rests upon the integration of healing at all levels. By incorporating the five other pillars — sleep, stress management, movement, self care, and community — the individual is provided with a holistic experience that supports both greater emotional and physical well-being.

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Six Pillars of Functional Medicine



Prioritise sleep hygiene and get adequate sunlight exposure during the day to aid rest and recovery.



Focus on eating nutrient-dense animal foods and removing potentially harmful foods to promote optimal health.

stress management

Stress Management

Practical ways to lower stress and maintain a healthy mind and body.



Incorporating a daily movement and exercise regime to keep the body strong and resilient.

self care

Self Care

Supporting a daily self-care routine which is beneficial for your emotional and physical health.



Finding connection with others and developing a sense of belonging to help improve motivation, health, and happiness.

Functional Medicine Model

Although the concept of ancestral living is not a new phenomenon, we use it in conjunction with functional medicine as a means to identify the driving factors behind chronic disease and provide the individual with a personal experience.

This framework consists of evaluating a detailed health history of the client, making clinical observations, using laboratory testing and assessments where necessary, and leaning on scientific research for support, all of which serve as guide to make the appropriate interventions and recommendations.

Unlike allopathic medicine, which seeks to fix chronic health conditions by using pharmaceuticals as a way to suppress symptoms, functional medicine uses a more in-depth approach and seeks to identify the underlying root cause of symptoms.

Given each individual has a unique combination of genetic, environmental, and dietary influences that impact their health, functional medicine recommendations are made in a personalised way that addresses the underlying pathology of each individual.

As chronic disease can take years to manifest, functional medicine should not be seen as a quick fix to poor health but rather a progressive journey back to better health. With that said, for those individuals who are willing to put time and effort into changing their dietary and lifestyle habits, health improvements may be noticeable within a shorter timeframe.

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Functional Medicine and Personalised Healthcare

digestive system

Personalised Nutritional Support

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Food is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to health and disease. This is why identifying and removing inflammatory dietary components and learning to eat nutrient-dense foods that are compatible with human physiology, and consistent with ancestral principles, is key. All dietary recommendations are made after carefully analysing the individuals unique genetic blueprint, environmental factors, and their personal lifestyle choices.

ancestral living

Nutraceutical Support

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Targeted nutrient and nutraceutical interventions are recommended when dietary advice alone may not be sufficient enough to produce desired results, or when one’s genetic makeup and exposure to environmental toxins needs to be taken into account. We prioritise therapeutic grade formulations that are practical, bioavailable, and backed by clinical evidence in their efficacy and mechanism of action.

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Advanced Laboratory Testing

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Functional testing is a key component of understanding how the body works on a biochemical level. By using the world’s leading research-led laboratories, we are able to not only support the overall clinical decision-making process, but also uncover any imbalances that may be present in the body and driving disease.

Testing can be used to analyse and evaluate different areas of health such as: nutritional status, allergy and food sensitivities, toxin exposure, gastrointestinal health, hormones, cardiometabolic health, autoimmunity, blood chemistry, and immunology.

animal based nutrition

Integrated Healthcare Network

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As we are not licensed to make diagnoses or provide medical advice,​ it may at times be appropriate to refer you to other healthcare professionals that can further support you on your journey. Following this protocol provides the space to work alongside your doctor and offer you the greatest care possible. With your consent, it may also be necessary for us to contact your GP to address any health care concerns that are beyond our qualifications or to recommend any tests that they are able to provide.

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