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The Evolution of The Anti-Meat Agenda

Medical evangelism has a deep purpose and a real belief in promoting the churches ideology and the food industry has benefited from this.
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Animal-Based vs Plant-Based Protein – What is the Difference?

Protein is the building block for life and its use goes far beyond muscle repair. For instance, it is needed to maintain and grow cartilage, bone, and skin.
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The Evolution of the Human Diet – Are We Carnivores?

About 2 million years ago, the Homo genus evolved. Most notable is Homo erectus, which is the most long-lived human species to date. Homo sapiens split from Homo erectus 300,000 years ago.
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Plant Paradox: Anti-Nutrients and Natural Pesticides

Have you ever wondered why some people experience unwanted symptoms such as an upset stomach, a rash on their skin or mental fatigue after eating only a small amount of a particular food, whereas others can eat as much as they like with no obvious health consequences?
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Circadian Rhythm: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

The term ‘circadian rhythm’ is used to describe how our body responds at a physiological level to changes in light intensity over the course of a day.
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The Truth About Red Meat

Red meat has received a lot of flak in recent years, with many suggesting that it increase one’s risk of getting cancer and shortens their life.
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The Controversy over Cholesterol

Whilst there is evidence to support the link between dietary intake of saturated fat and elevations in LDL cholesterol, the assumption that it is the cause of CVD is not supported by the evidence
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What To Eat On An Animal-Based Diet

An animal-based diet prioritises nutrient-dense animal foods, which include meat, fish, eggs and dairy (for those who can tolerate it) over plant-based foods.
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