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digestive system

Support Your Digestive System

mental health

Nourish Your Mental Health

ancestral living

Employ Principles of Ancestral Living

animal based nutrition

Animal Based Nutrition

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Bespoke Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme


At Ancestral Roots Nutrition I work with individuals on a one-to-one basis, combining the principles of nutritional science and functional medicine to create a personalised approach that can be practically applied to clients’ lives.

By going back to our ancestral roots and incorporating dietary and lifestyle habits that are consistent with our evolutionary history, we can identify and address the underlying causes of illness and disease and work together to achieve your health goals.

Why choose Ancestral Roots Nutrition?

dietary habits


Acknowledging modern day indigenous cultures’ way of life whilst honouring the dietary habits of our ancestors, in a way in that is compatible with our physiology, is fundamental to good health.

optimal health


Seek to address the root causes of disease by using functional medicine, a holistic approach that views the body as a whole interconnected system rather than isolated parts, to better support the body and promote optimal health.



A focus on providing personalised dietary advice that prioritises nutrient dense animal-foods as the main source of nutrition, serving the body with the essential building blocks that meets demands on a cellular and biochemical level.

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